Monday, December 29, 2008

Talk Money Blog

Wow, time sure flies. If you’re wondering why there haven’t been posts for a few months, it is because I have been taking some time to focus on other projects. As a result, this blog has been neglected. But I intend to get back to blogging on a regular schedule.

These past few days erg months as I have said I have projects right? These projects that I am talking about is about money and how to spend it wisely. Am researching and reading about money saving tips and how Credit Cards Debts Cleared Legally. Specially at this time that everybody seems to be in recession and every body that I know just seems to be scared of spending their moneys and I am one of those people that whose scared to spend.

I have learned about money and how to handle it at the author knows how and what he is talking about on this blog and he even explained/discussed about the Buy to Let Landlords. He discussed on his blog/forum how can the Buy-to-Let landlord survive the Credit Crunch? I am pretty much amazed how he writes his advices to some of his clients.

So if you are one of those people who needs tips on money matters? Then visit TalkMoneyBlog it'll surely help you survive this current credit crunch that is happening.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Has anyone ever used EZUnsecured? I heard from one of my friends that they were really good! One of my friends got $125K with them but they charge upfront fees so I wanted to check around to see if it's worth the risk, cause sometimes it's just too good to be true...

Today I have visited their site and learned more about them. I visit them cause I am planning to get a loan for my business and in fact I have already talked to one of their experienced people and I am convinced that EZUnsecured can really be trusted cause they definitely know what they are doing.

Generally any small business whether just starting up or already established requires startup loans or additional funding in fulfilling either initial business start up costs and needs, or injecting additional capital for business expansion. You may require the vital needed monetary support to bridge your business operations until it starts to make a profit. Start-up business loans from is designed to cater to such needs.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finest casino reviews!

Online casino reviews can be either your best friends forever, or your worst enemies in the world! In other words, not all online casino reviews are looking out for your best interests. Many can be totally misleading and merely designed to lure you to a certain site so that you deposit your cash and wager on their games. And then there are those reviews totally worthy of your trust.

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Debt Solutions

1. Debt solutions exist in a variety of formats.

Credit debt solutions are varied in the scope of programs they offer. Perhaps the most popular of the solutions include loan programs, financial management programs, and consolidation counseling programs. Financial problems and issues should be handled by experienced experts in order to achieve the best results with the least amount of time and money spent.

2. Debt solutions will eliminate all debt.

While credit debt solutions provide a program and means by which it is possible to eliminate bills and the money that is owed, the individual is the only one who can remedy this situation. Programs that offer assistance are great tools for getting consumers on the right track to financial freedom and prosperity, but it is ultimately the individual's responsibility to carry out the plan. If anything, this situation can bring the relief of providing lower interest rates, consolidation that eases the management of bills, and many other positive solutions to encourage the consumer to become free of the financial burdens that weigh them down.

3. Credit debt solutions are easy to find online.

Many debt solutions sites are easily accessible from the convenience of a home or office. Most agencies will often advertise the ability to cut financial strain in half, lower interest rates, and relieve the burden in a specific period of time. However, as always, it is wise to compare companies, programs and services and ask many questions to make sure the best choices are made in order to solve these problems.

4. Debt solutions counselors often charge for a consultation.

Credit Debt solutions counselors will typically offer free initial consultations. From here, most programs and services generally charge very low service fees. Their goal is to get the consumer on the right track by utilizing the tools and services. Often, the consumer will benefit by paying very low fees or even no fees when the consolidation process is done through the company that provided the initial consultation.

5. When looking for the best financial management program, it is wise to seek advice.

Proverbs 20:18 - Every purpose is established by counsel: and with good advice make war.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Style for Less only at ZenniOptical

Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni Find huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted suglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. The manufacturer ships it directly to the customer with virtually no advertising budget so yes, you can get your prescription glasses at Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses the cost of two lattes and a donut. That’s a great deal if you ask me!

Did you see Zenni Optical was on FOX news! recently? That's how low their glasses, they are being endorsed by FOX new.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Student Loans Could Be Forgiven After 10 Years of Public Service

The government hopes a new loan forgiveness program will give students an incentive to consider a career in public service. In exchange for 10 years on the job in a field of public service such as public safety, education, or social work, the Department of Education will erase certain borrowers’ remaining federal student loan debt.

To be eligible for this initiative — the Loan Forgiveness for Public-Service Employees Program — you must have either taken out or consolidated your federal student loans through the federal Direct Loan Program, in which you receive your student loan directly from the government rather than through a third-party lender.
Breaking It Down: How the Loan Forgiveness Program Works

The loan forgiveness benefit is available for any federal consolidation loan or any federal parent or student loans you’ve taken out through the Department of Education’s Direct Loan Program. If you took out your federal college loans from a private lender through the Federal Family Education Loan Program (rather than directly from the government through the Direct Loan Program), you’ll have to consolidate your FFELP student loans into the Direct Loan Program in order for those student loans to be eligible to be forgiven.

In addition to holding a federal Direct loan, you’ll also have to meet certain borrower requirements in order to qualify for the loan forgiveness program:

Spend a decade in a public service career. You must remain in a qualifying public-service career, working full-time, for 10 years, during which you must be making payments on the student loans you’re looking to have forgiven. You must still be working in the public-service sector at the time your student loans are forgiven.

Hit the 120 mark. During your 10 years of full-time public service, you must make 120 monthly payments on the Direct college loans you want forgiven. Only payments made after Oct. 1, 2007, will count toward the payment requirement. If you have FFELP loans (college loans that you took out from a private lender and not from the federal government) that you’re consolidating into the Direct Loan Program, you’ll only be able to count the payments you make on your Direct Consolidation Loan after your FFELP student loans are consolidated. Any payments you’ve made prior to Oct. 1, 2007, or to any lender other than the federal government won’t count.

Sign up for a qualifying repayment plan. Your required 120 payments must be made under one (or a combination) of three repayment plans: standard repayment, income-contingent repayment, or income-based repayment, which becomes available July 1, 2009. If you’re enrolled in a different Direct Loan repayment plan, only those payments you make that are at least equal to the monthly payment amount you’d be required to make under the standard repayment plan will count toward your 120-payment requirement.
The Fine Print: How You End Up Paying Off Your Student Loans Yourself

If you’re considering applying for the loan forgiveness benefit, you may want to look into your eligibility for the income-contingent and income-based repayment plans, which allow low-income borrowers to qualify for lower payments and extend their repayment period to 25 years. Only borrowers who are making reduced monthly payments on an income-contingent or income-based repayment plan will likely have a remaining balance left to forgive after making 120 payments on their student loans.

If you’re in the standard repayment plan, which has a repayment term of 10 years, you may find that you don’t have any student loan debt left to forgive after meeting your 120-payment requirement, since your 10-year repayment term is the same amount of time that the government requires you to hold your public-service job before any of your student loans can be forgiven.
What Qualifies as Public Service?

Public-service fields eligible for the loan forgiveness program include:

* Military
* Emergency management
* Fire departments
* Law enforcement
* Public library sciences
* Public school education
* Public child care
* Public health
* Public service for the elderly
* Public service for individuals with disabilities
* Nonprofit work with certain tax-exempt organization


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Get rid of bugs - right away!

It is definitely tough to kill bed bugs, specially if you are going to handle this matter in your own hands, of course you need an expertise on this issue. I am happy that there is, for they provide information on How To Kill Bed Bugs!!! Alliance is providing safe, efficient, clean and high quality services to it's customers and partners. They have solve California's mold, abestos, demolition lead, air duct cleaning and pest control needs just like these bed bugs that I just mentioned. In their fast-changing communities, they've work together as a group for a safe environment and offer it's customers innovative solutions.

It happens that Alliance is one of the most experienced environmental contractors in the State of California. They have an experience of more than 51 years in the said business. And you know what's more amazing? Alliance and staff members have successfully completed more than 40,000 projects. That's how experienced they are!

So if you want a safe environment to live in, who you gonna call? Alliance it is! May it be commercial or residential Alliance is there for you!

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, asbestos, mold, hazardous materials and lead abatement requires specialized skills and experience throughout the entire process.